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Watched items

Image by practicalowl via Flickr

Another one of my good life resolutions was to stop wearing watches.    Why you ask?   I am not really sure.

I do know that when I was in corporate life I was driven by schedules, having to be here or there at specific times…..always feeling like I was checking my watch to see when I needed to be at the next meeting.  Thinking about how rude that must be for the other people in the meetings.  Of course, they were checking their watches too.

Today I am not driven by schedules each day.   I no longer wake to an alarm clock.  I have a slower start to the day and I don’t have a set time I go to bed.  My schedule is very flexible, in turn, I feel less like a prisoner to my watch.

The only day I wear a watch is on Sunday.   As I was thinking about my blog topics for this week, I asked myself why did you quit wearing watches except for Sunday?

Was it to check the time as Pastor Ronnie went well past noon again?   Surely not, as our Sunday services always go beyond the hour mark.   Was it because the pastors message was not engaging and I wanted to check my watch to have a distraction?  Surely not, as Pastor Ronnie has delivered some great messages lately.  Maybe it was the music and I wanted to check my watch to see when Pastor Ronnie was going to get to speak to us?  Not sure that is the reason.

So why wear a watch on Sunday……It is the only day I really dress up (business casual at best as I don’t wear suits or ties anymore) so maybe I was feeling a little undressed not wearing a watch.

I could not come up with any good reasons, so this week I will not wear a watch on Sunday!

Join me and quit looking at your watch on Sunday morning as your pastor is pushing the lunch time hour.   Where would we be if God only gave us an hour each week and kept checking his watch as we tried to talk to Him?

Living the Good Life,